Friday, 17 March 2017

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • The immediate benefit of a massage is to produce a feeling of relaxation and release. The release of tension and stress can lead to a reduction in pain. This comes about through both the comfort and assurance of gentle physical contact and firm massage movements.
  •  As well as producing a relaxed feeling, massage applied with gentle vigour can equally stimulate the body and mind, i.e. Indian Head Massage.
  • A vigorous massage can also assist the athlete preparing for a sporting event by rapidly increasing the blood supply and generally 'waking up' the muscle for activity.
  • Massage can increase the circulation of blood around the body and improve the number of red blood cells and haemoglobin present in the blood.
  • The flow of lymph is also encouraged. Lymph is the fluid that assists in the removal of waste products from around the body's systems, and massaging areas of injuries can encourage the body's healing.
  • Massage can also assist in retaining tone in muscles that may have wasted through under use, particularly after an injury.
  • It can assist digestion through abdominal massage.
  • Produces feelings of well-being and contentment.

  • Massage is frequently used to assist in the treatment of anxious and depressed patients, both acute and chronic.
  • Theatre Massage

    I appreciate the particular stresses and pressures that actors can experience during rehearsals and performances and understand their need for relaxation, not just for their own mental well-being, but also for the benefit of the body and the voice.
    Massage in general and Indian Head Massage is particularly good for relaxing and revitalising the actor during a run.
    I have provided massages to actors in their digs, at my base and in their dressing rooms around the various Nairobi theatres.

    Massage for Couples

    You cannot always predict when you will want a massage and it is not always possible to arrange one at short notice and at your convenience, so how useful would it be for your partner to be able to massage you and you to return the favour? Massage in Nairobi will shortly be launching Massage for Couples. A simple and effective day long course for you and your partner to take in the comfort of your own home. By the end of the day you will have learnt and practised all the basic skills that make up Swedish Massage. You will know how to gently massage and relax the major muscles of the body and be aware of any safety issues involved. You will not be a fully qualified masseur, neither will be able to treat injuries, but you will be able to perform an effective and relaxing massage with confidence and skill.

    On-Site Corporate Massage

    The corporate environment is an increasingly stressful place with more and more managers looking for ways to reward their employees and make their work place a more relaxed and happier place to be.

    So it is not unusual to see masseurs in this kind of environment providing 10 or 15 minute sessions in the form of a back rub or Indian Head Massage, to help relax and revitalise staff.  It has been shown that members of staff can be much happier and efficient after receiving such treatment.

    Indian Head massage or a back rub is ideal for the office space, as it is performed without use of oils or the removal of clothing.

    My corporate work as included office and conference environments, such as the Kenyatta International Conference Centre. Companies have included Kenya Gas and Mobi Insurance.

    Rates for Corporate massage are available on request.

    Indian Head Massage

    Indian Head Massage includes massage of the neck, shoulders and arms.
    It can help in the release of stress, the relief of headaches, eye strain and other physical ailments that can effect the upper part of the body. It also encourages greater alertness and concentration.

    As well as being the perfect personal massage it is an ideal therapy for the work place.
    An Indian Head Massage takes 40 mins.

    Indian Head Massage is a powerful holistic therapy helping in the relief of stress and tension and engendering calm and tranquillity. It can be performed with the client fully dressed and does not require creams or oils.

    Home Visits

    When receiving a massage, you should be as comfortable as possible, and therefore a home visit may be exactly what you are looking for. At home you can enjoy your massage, and when finished, remain in a relaxed state, without the inconvenience of re-dressing and travelling.
    For a home visit I will bring all the relevant equipment:
    •Massage bench
    •Massage oils and essential oils (if required)
    •Soothing music (again if required)

    Your Massage

    Your massage can be taken at my base in Nairobi in a warm, comfortably lit and relaxing room.

    Using hypoallergenic oil, you will be massaged from your feet to your head for total relaxation. However, if you have particularly stressed areas such as shoulders, back, legs, I can give more or total attention to those areas. Your massage time is for you and for your pleasure.
    The room can fragranced with relaxing or uplifting oils with soothing music and towels available for your comfort and warmth.

    Your massage can be either an hour or 90 mins.

    I also offer Indian Head Massage (details below)

    Having qualified in Stone Therapy, your massage can be supplemented with additional use of the occasional hot stone.

    The use of a heated stones on particularly tense or stressed muscles can help to ease them considerably quicker and then with just hands alone.

    The relaxation brought about by a hot stone gently massaged around the body can be almost instant.

    If you would like the opportunity to experience the occasionally hot stone please let me know when booking.

    There is no extra charge for this.

    Why Massage?

    Most of us now lead very active lives taking too little time to stop and rest. Constant stress levels can build up and often affect our health and general well being. Eventually the stress can build-up leading to lack of motivation, anxiety and sometimes even depression. Your work may be affected, preventing you from making simple decisions or unable to relax with your friends and family.

    This is where massage may well be of help to you.

    Massage is enjoyed by millions of people everyday, and will help you to understand the importance of relaxation. You may well feel the benefits instantly, being more positive and able to tackle everyday problems a bit more easily.

    Enjoying a massage occasionally or on a more regular basis can put you in a good frame of mind to cope with life's difficulties and keep on top of the pressures that can affect you.
    Massage is one of the best ways of being kind to yourself, taking some unselfish time to look after yourself. Giving yourself a treat.

    Thursday, 16 March 2017

    Mobile Massage in Nairobi

    Enjoy a professional massage in the comfort of your own home or massage manchester

    Here at Nairobi Massage Man I think you should be able to enjoy a professional massage at home or in your hotel… and not pay through the nose.

    All the massage services on this website can be taken at home or in a hotel. If appropriate, I will bring a massage table to your home or hotel. If you don’t have room for a massage table, most services can be done on the floor or a bed. I will even bring towels … how cool is that!

    This service is ideal for people who are too ill to leave the house, or who have mobility problems.

    It’s also ideal for anybody who just wishes to indulge and enjoy a professional massage in Manchester without the hassle of driving to and from the massage studio.
    I have been there myself. You enjoy a restful and relaxing massage … but by the time you have navigated the Nairobi traffic home, you might well not have bothered!

    With a mobile massage you can enjoy the rest of the evening stress free and have a great night’s sleep.

    To book your mobile massage in Manchester, look up your post code, and that will give you the mobile massage price for your area, then contact me

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    Holistic Massage Therapy Nairobi

    No matter how much I move myself around, my strongest tendency is to move in the same ways that I have always moved, guided by the same deeply seated postural habits, sensory cues, and mental images of my body.”                   
    (from ‘Job’s Body’ by Deane Juhan)
                Many chronic aches, pains and other conditions are caused by becoming ‘stuck’ in patterns of unhelpful posture and movement.  These can be alleviated by regaining awareness of the body and the way in which we inhabit it.  By working sensitively, knowledgeably and intuitively on the muscles, tendons and skin – using appropriate pressure and movement – massage can lead to profound physical and emotional benefits.  And it feels fantastic! 
    The holistic approach to the body and to health has always made sense to me.  We are not simply a mind in a body, or a machine made up of separate parts.  Most of us have experienced ‘butterflies in the stomach’ when excited, or headaches when we feel stressed. 
    In the same way that we learn to walk, talk or ride a bicycle, the interconnection between our mind and our muscles unfortunately also leads to less helpful habits - sitting at a computer in a way which puts strain on our bodies, or breathing using our shoulders instead of our diaphragm.  These long-term habitual tensions can eventually lead to chronic pain and increased risk of injury and malfunction in any area of the body.

              There is no ‘routine’ in Holistic Massage – I adapt and respond to the unique needs of each client each time I see them.

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