Thursday, 16 March 2017

Holistic Massage Therapy Nairobi

No matter how much I move myself around, my strongest tendency is to move in the same ways that I have always moved, guided by the same deeply seated postural habits, sensory cues, and mental images of my body.”                   
(from ‘Job’s Body’ by Deane Juhan)
            Many chronic aches, pains and other conditions are caused by becoming ‘stuck’ in patterns of unhelpful posture and movement.  These can be alleviated by regaining awareness of the body and the way in which we inhabit it.  By working sensitively, knowledgeably and intuitively on the muscles, tendons and skin – using appropriate pressure and movement – massage can lead to profound physical and emotional benefits.  And it feels fantastic! 
The holistic approach to the body and to health has always made sense to me.  We are not simply a mind in a body, or a machine made up of separate parts.  Most of us have experienced ‘butterflies in the stomach’ when excited, or headaches when we feel stressed. 
In the same way that we learn to walk, talk or ride a bicycle, the interconnection between our mind and our muscles unfortunately also leads to less helpful habits - sitting at a computer in a way which puts strain on our bodies, or breathing using our shoulders instead of our diaphragm.  These long-term habitual tensions can eventually lead to chronic pain and increased risk of injury and malfunction in any area of the body.

          There is no ‘routine’ in Holistic Massage – I adapt and respond to the unique needs of each client each time I see them.

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