Friday, 17 March 2017

On-Site Corporate Massage

The corporate environment is an increasingly stressful place with more and more managers looking for ways to reward their employees and make their work place a more relaxed and happier place to be.

So it is not unusual to see masseurs in this kind of environment providing 10 or 15 minute sessions in the form of a back rub or Indian Head Massage, to help relax and revitalise staff.  It has been shown that members of staff can be much happier and efficient after receiving such treatment.

Indian Head massage or a back rub is ideal for the office space, as it is performed without use of oils or the removal of clothing.

My corporate work as included office and conference environments, such as the Kenyatta International Conference Centre. Companies have included Kenya Gas and Mobi Insurance.

Rates for Corporate massage are available on request.

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